Red Blue Yellow : Meat Packing Apple Store : New York City

Me and Matt have been working away up in Niagara Falls this weekend ……. more about that later ………. I shot this above while buying a couple of hard drives at the Meat Packing District […]

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Jez and Matt on the Red Carpet : The Hippodrome : New York City

Me and Matt have been working in NYC this week :-))) Last night we decided to call in on our mighty Insight-Visual colleague Greg Morris who was shooting the official photographs for this amazing, prestigious […]

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Sky Rook : Graveyard : Warwickshire UK

I went to visit my brothers grave up in ‘The Midlands’ before I flew back to the US. In the graveyard I made this picture of a rook or maybe its a crow. These guys […]

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David Cameron Grim Joke Face : Train to London

I was keeping this photo to run on the big day. But it actually seemed kind of wrong when it came to it. But hey you gotta enjoy this one anyway :-))) It was in […]

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The Hurriers : From Acorns Mighty Oaks : Easter House Glasgow

This is the cover of a new album out to day …… by ‘The Hurriers’ Barnsley’s finest …… as they put it a proper socialist band like every town needs …….. :-))) My agent Matt […]

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Boy in Smoke at time of Rwandan Genocide : Goma Rwandan Border : Rwanda

I wrote the angry response below when I heard the religious speaker Anne Atkins on ‘Thought for the Day’ condemn the life and work of the South African photojournalist Kevin Carter. Mine is an angry […]

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David Spiller : Portrait of the Artist : Elephant and Castle : London

While we are on the theme of pictures of pictures ……. here is another picture of some of my published work …. It shows portraits of my friend the artist David Spiller ……. used in […]

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David Cameron by Jez Coulson on The Sunday Times Magazine Front Cover with Eggs

Its always great when your friend brings a gift of Champagne…… and chocolate eggs……. oh and the first copy I have seen ……. of my front cover picture featuring extreme close-up of the Prime Minister […]

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Act of Penitence : Barangay Lourdes Angeles City : The Philippines

Some people in the Philippines like to take Easter celebrations very literally. I was chatting with a phone banking person the other day when I found out she was helping me with my account from […]

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Fade to Black : Uber Cars Outnumber Yellow Cabs : NYC

I read this today on the AP news wire : – “NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s storied yellow cabs are outnumbered by limos and black cars. Uber cars, often black sedans that are […]

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Druids Welcome a Solar Eclipse : Cornwall : UK

This was shot at the last solar eclipse that I saw……. I think it was back in 1999 ……. Anyway these sun worshiping Druids were certainly partying like it was 1999 ……. hehehe…… Anyway I […]

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Fly Delta Jets : Fog at HJ Airport : Atlanta

Yeah I can hear those giant jets coming in……. but I cannot see them……….. best not to think about it ……… Wheels up in the big ATL :-))) XXXXXXX Cheers Jez XXXXXX [ 13 […]

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