Jez Coulson … Drone Selfie :-)) XX

  Its brave new world of new stuff out there ……. its really time I gave it a go …… stopped hanging on to the relative grounded comfort zone of my beloved hand held SLR’s […]

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Sleeping cat in the arms of Buddha – Vientiane, Laos

Hey it’s’ the new year, stuff is happening, some of it kind of worrying, but lets try not to stress to much, especially about things we cannot fix. We should all take a lesson from […]

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Trump and Heat Safety : Ohio

A Dunkin Donuts, a brand new building, a white concrete path. The sun is burning hot as I step from the cool protected capsule of the car. President Obama assures me America is safer than […]

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I Am A European

I am a European – a very short film by Jez Coulson Music by Zaki Mamdoo Made in collaboration with many amazing citizens of the EU   This very little movie is aimed at assisting […]

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Violence and The Anniversary of the Rising : Short Strand District : Belfast

This week I have been aware of a curious combination of different approaches to the realities of violence. The week opened with visceral horror at vile acts of ‘pointless terrorist violence’ in Brussels by the […]

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Makayla : PHX Terminal 3 : Arizona

  The Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton is coming out of the loud speakers boldly claiming Phoenix Skyharbour International Airport is the friendliest airport in America …… sadly PO with the TSA at PHX did […]

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Marco Rubio Under Pressure : Republican Presidential Primary Race : Charleston SC

Me and Matt are again rolling in the dark in the Beast car ……. I am in the passenger seat downloading and editing all of the images from todays shoot in Nashville ……  Matt is […]

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Stop : Toogoodoo Creek : South Carolina

This is the first actual ‘on the road’ test of the new blog platform …. Me and Matt are in South Carolina ….. In a bar in Charleston …… Johnny Cash is giving us Fulsom […]

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Jeb Bush is Down and Out : Summerville : South Carolina

So Jeb Bush drops out of the race to be the Republican Presidential candidate ……… tonight his 4th place in the South Carolina primary vote has put the final nail in the coffin of his […]

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Empire State Rainbow : New York City

I know this probably does not count as landscape …… Well, not in in some peoples definitions …… but hey ……. I shot it from up on the stormy roof of my building today in […]

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Eyes on the Road Ahead : New York City Taxi Driver

It’s the 4th of January. .. the party is over…a new year is well and truly dawning . .. time to roll … I’m flying as ever… the white noise of jet engines over the […]

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Dont Bomb Syria Demo : Whitehall : London

The ‘Stop The War’ coalition organized protest against British Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposal to act militarily in solidarity with France. Cameron was proposing airstrikes in Syria following François Hollande the French President’s request to […]

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