I Am A European

I Am A European


I am a European – a very short film by Jez Coulson

Music by Zaki Mamdoo

Made in collaboration with many amazing citizens of the EU


This very little movie is aimed at assisting individual Brits to actively identify as and celebrate being a European. It is an uplifting artistic statement, a political and emotional intervention in the current UK referendum conversation. It attempts something approaching light touch positive messaging, instead of so called ‘fear mongering’ a bit of ‘friendship mongering’.

This piece is made through collaboration throughout the EU with many ordinary completely randomly chosen, but nevertheless amazing Europeans. Inclusiveness, shared aspiration and identity is the ambiance of the film. This allows me to hope it might act as an emotional spark for viewers, possibly facilitating them to say to themselves: ‘Yes, I am a European too’.

I personally love the feeling of connection and togetherness that the EU has helped to foster across Europe. I wanted to project a little of it in this film. I certainly feel fellow Europeans are our family, our friends and our neighbors, they are our customers and suppliers, they are our teachers and our students, they are our football players and musicians, cooks and gardeners, bankers, brokers, engineers, farmers and fishermen, just as we are in return, the same for them.

The people of our partner EU States are people we are in close connection with, our two way synthesis has improved our lives and theirs immeasurably. I hope this tiny little movie helps recognize and celebrate our jointly created identity as Europeans. I am optimistic that my fellow British Europeans will vote positively in the EU referendum, to continue to build ties of family, friendship, trade and connectivity across our shared continent.

Jez Coulson


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  1. Just look at what the Troka has done to the Greeks M’dear!

    1. Yes …… the EU there are plenty of things to call it on ……. but leaving? I like some of the modern less nationalist more internationalist things that were happening to identity particularly for younger people in Europe ………Now I fear a return to 1970’s Britain with nasty nationalism and racial attacks …….. I just favor a more internationalist perpective to a grim nationalist one ……. I am sad to see the UK break with its closest neighbours …… and there is just no way I could vote for the things Nigel Farage was imploring us to embrace ………

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