Hunting Deer : On the Wooded banks of The Chattahoochee River : Georgia

Well, I have been meaning to photograph hunting for a while. It’s an important phenomena in America. Really a lot of folks make hunting a central part of their leisure time. More than that being […]

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Mirror and Sky : Rolling in Rhode Island

Well, I am wheels up Flying from JFK New York City to BOS Boston ……. I only flew into JFK from London last night and now I am rolling again having slept one night and […]

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Towering Figure of The Pope Arrives in New York City : 8th Av : Manhattan

David Beckham was up there in a state of undress selling his own brand of underwear at one point ……. and numerous women models in a similar condition of undress selling whatever they were selling […]

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Light Gathering at the End of a Tunnel of Years : Taxi Driver in the Midtown Tunnel : New York City

Gosh Im back !!! Back in NYC and back on the net :-))) ……. I had almost a month of hanging in Europe and for some reason hardly even looking at Facebook and the blog […]

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Over the Sea to Sky : Ocracoke Ferry : Outer Banks North Carolina

Sorry for the radio silence ……. I have been kinda off the grid for a while ……. way out on the Outer Banks in North Carolina ……… I took a trip down there in the […]

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Salt Water; Sweat Tears and the Sea : The Port of Calais : France

All these terrible scenes from the french port of Calais in the last couple of weeks ……. This morning I heard on the BBC that a child fell from a truck and broke both his […]

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To Kill a Red Velvet Cake : The Sweet Tooth Bakery : Monroville : Alabama

To mark the release of Harper Lee’s new book…… out today….. a reportage from her home town. To Kill a Red Velvet Cake – ‘The Sweet Tooth Bakery and Restaurant’ in Harper Lee’s Hometown Monroeville […]

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Canyon of Heroines : USA Womens Soccer Team Parade : NYC

I shot a nice picture of Carli Lloyd doing a selfie of herself clutching the trophy during the ticker tape parade. She looked happy…. and well she might … having scored an amazing batch of […]

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Dope Days in Denver : Legal Marijuana Story : Colorado

Sorry I have been a bit rubbish at posting on Jezblog recently ………. funny things have been going on with this blog …….. little bit of hassle with spammers and what have you …. Maybe […]

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Confederate Battle Flag and the Klansman : Kennesaw : Georgia

So moving to hear the President speak about the horrible killings at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church a church in South Carolina. He spoke in a way that is completely fitting in a traditional African […]

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Truck Stop at the End of the Rainbow : Shorter : Alabama

Who would of thought it……… a closed down Casino and a truck stop …….. is what you find at the end of the rainbow……… oh well …….. :-)))) ………. I\’m rolling in Alabama on a […]

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A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall : Denver : Colarado

Well, they certainly get drastic weather here in Denver ……. Throughout today and yesterday my phone has been buzzing away with extreme weather warnings coming out of some app or other ……. “Golf ball sized […]

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