Suicide Bombing : NTC Fort Irwin California USA

Suicide Bombing : NTC Fort Irwin California USA

jez_small2_US_blowup_veh180So its blow up time for my little deception………. Pete and Owen had me on the run and if you see the last load of comments that Pete won with a stunningly accurate guess of : The NTC (National Training Center) Fort Irwin, California …….. which was completely correct. So a print will be winging its way to Pete shortly. Congratulations to Pete and thanx to him and all of you that checked out the blog and especially those who commented.

The Red team (insurgents) give the blue team (US soldiers about to be deployed in Iraq) a seriously hard time. IED’s that explode without actually killing anyone are planted to hit their patrols and as in the above image suicide bombers in pick-ups hit their check points with exploding vehicles. The downed soldier is deemed ‘dead’ after taking what would have been the full force of a suicide car bombing at his check point.

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  • mega shot, scary stuff for the man down.

    jason @ August 2, 2006, 7:49 pm

  • unbelievable picture! Looks like an movie or computer game!

    rollinger @ September 1, 2006, 9:35 am

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