Revolution is coming in from the Cold : Havana : Cuba

Revolution is coming in from the Cold : Havana : Cuba


News Flash : Amazingly the US is normalizing relations with Cuba and visa versa ……. Amazing stuff !!! …. Their relations have been frozen in the cold war stance of enemies for fifty years ….. So a thawing is finally coming ….. about time too ….. an end of isolation for Cuba from mainland USA …… I should think they will party in Havana tonight :-))))

Cheers Jez XXXXXX

PS….. Hopefully it may get easier to start your car in Cuba from now on :-/ :-)) XXX

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  • I see they r not even planning to lift the economic blockade so the difficulty in starting the car might yet remain……… 🙁 X

    Jezblog London :-)) XXX @ December 18, 2014, 10:16 am

  • Start a car?..Just call my brother, he will sort it for ya!!..Santa is fast approaching, so off to bed early, eat your greens,say your prayers etc..Hope all is good Bro xx

    PaulS @ December 18, 2014, 2:50 pm

  • Your brother always loved old American cars ….. 70’s ones mostly but I bet he would love too work on all these old fifties Beasts they have in Cuba …….. mind u they also have no spares …… which makes car doctoring tricky ……. :-))) XXXWe are having a great time here in SA …. Although Max and I had a bit of a drastic encounter with a giant Bull Elephant …. he was coming down a track on a hillside we were going up ….. we came round a corner he was blocking the way …. we started to reverse …. he was not happy with the speed of our exit and got pretty mad started charging us requiring some seriously pretty speedy reversing down a mountain track with ditches either side…… The elephant was swinging his head and flapping his ears in a magnificent display and charging full throttle towards us …. luckily the rental Mercedes and my panic driving were just about up to the situation …… fastest half mile backing down a mountain track I have ever attempted …. hehehehe ….. anyway alls well that ends well ….. in the end we managed to out run him enough to quickly turn round in the first wide bit and get rolling :-))) …… 10 mins later we came across more rhino both sides of the road …. by this stage it was kinda hard to relax …. but they were chilled …. hehehe….. XXXXXXXXXXX

    Jezblog Johannesburg :-)) XXX @ December 24, 2014, 7:17 pm

  • Happy Crimbo to you and all yours Paul love to you and everyone in your family and circle of friends…… have a lovely day don’t go crazy on the Turkey :-))))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXX

    Jezblog Johannesburg :-)) XXX @ December 24, 2014, 7:19 pm

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