Embrace and Defy Genocide: Washington DC

Embrace and Defy Genocide: Washington DC

jez1_darfur_rally_dc0506_15-1 Yoni Stadlin and Yeshoshua Long embrace on the Mall outside the Capital building. They are part of a huge rally to bring the spotlight on to the genocide in Darfur. They embrace ‘feeling the love and spirit and history of this place’ they are ‘celebrating being alive’. Both are strong believers in Judaism. “Our being alive is an act of defying the attempt at genocide against our own familys and our own race”… “We are still alive!”…. ‘We are all family here, all the Jewish Groups, and all the people on the rally, we here are all family with the people of Darfur. All the people, everyone on this rally being alive, caring about and loving others is an act of defiance against genocide” I watched these guys for ten minutes. They were so engaged in their embrace they were completely unaware of me! I spoke to them at the end of their long embrace.

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  • very touching picture – what it brought to mind somehow – even before I read that the guys were Jewish – was an image of Jesus embracing and forgiving Judas for betraying him. hope people won’t think that I’m trying to make up a happy ending for the Bible though 😉

    Maria @ August 21, 2009, 5:05 pm

  • Wow now you say that I almost can’t see anything else myself……. your thoughts have completely made me resee this image….. wow….. thanks
    Cheers Jez XXXXX

    Jezblog Atlanta @ August 22, 2009, 1:10 am

  • I don’t want to get into any disputes about current jewish problems, but I think it’s important that we show and talk and remember the jewish story, their heritage, OUR heritage and what WE have done to OURSELVES. Just a lesson for our kids, since as somebody said: The difference between an idiot, a smart person and a genius is that the first never learns, the second learns from his own mistakes and the third…well, you might have guessed, he learns from the mistakes of others. Let us be geniuses. Even though human history is a spiral, some might say.

    Pavel @ May 3, 2006, 5:57 pm

  • Hey you have a point there Pavel ….. Lets all be genius’ and move forward learning from the past, dropping the baggage of hateful prejudice and division we learn in the fairy tales we are told as kids . Wow, we so would be genius’ if we could drop the draw of the hateful slaughter of the past and by so doing stop the hateful slaughter of now. Then into the future, move forward with out killing and hate. The genius you have described, no matter the history of their learned culture or belief system could see the Genocide in Darfur and just say; No. No more.

    jez @ May 4, 2006, 11:40 am

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