Kennesaw Klan – Georgia

Kennesaw Klan – Georgia


A cross between a junk shop and a museum; between sort of weirdly interesting and outright vile. I was outraged and depressed to find this weird Klan memorabilia just hanging about as if it were the most normal thing, without even any explanation, I just don’t associate America with this racism in the present day. I always think of the US as more non racist than any place I’ve ever lived. I love the inclusiveness and diversity of NYC. I guess that’s not what you should expect if you enter the weird wreckage of the junk shop/museum run by the self styled wild-man of Kennesaw down in Georgia. You could almost mistake him for a hippy with his druid’s style long grey hair and bare feet but the feeling of malice that comes with his hand guns at his belt and all the implied threat of the heavy duty vicious gun posters dispel any love or peace stuff. Maybe, I could have photographed him, he would of made an interesting image but I just couldn’t face it. This place was pretty vile and he put it all together. The image above I secretly shot of the Klansman statue under glass puts me in mind of a dangerous poisonous snake contained in a glass tank. The confederate flag is just the finishing touch to what strikes me as, a present day blast from a grim past.

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  • A past and present that we should learn from, but also try to forget!

    Claus Petersen @ January 6, 2009, 5:30 am

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