Hillary And Bill Clinton : State Fair : New York

Hillary And Bill Clinton : State Fair : New York


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The Clintons have to have been today a little stung in a seemingly unlikely attack …….. from The New York Times ……… A paper often regarded as possibly Clinton supporting and certainly pretty Liberal …….. The paper makes allegations about conflicts of interest and cronyism at The Clinton Foundation …….. it sounds rather like the stuff of ordinary American politics to me …….. I have to say the whole system always seems somewhat open to abuse …….. where millions of dollars are raised to support a given candidate from private individuals and corporations ……. who apparently want nothing for their money ? ……. The whole thing always strikes me as inherently riddled with potential and actual conflicts of interest.

“For all of its successes, the Clinton Foundation had become a sprawling concern, supervised by a rotating board of old Clinton hands, vulnerable to distraction and threatened by conflicts of interest. It ran multimillion-dollar deficits for several years, despite vast amounts of money flowing in.”

I read this above from the New York Times described as the killer quote in The Telegraph………….

Like I say isn’t that just describing the US political system……? I don’t know maybe there is more to this than I am initially seeing. But it hardly seems likely that this is a killer blow to The Clintons and Hillary’s potential Presidential run in particular……… Well it does not seem to be that way to me at least ……….. I can’t help thinking the Clintons have survived much rougher seas than this.

I shot this image at The New York State Fair for The Atlantic Magazine …….. while Hilary Clinton was a New York Senator thought to be positioning herself for a Presidential run last time round :-)))))))))))



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T his will not hur t Hillar y ! G o Hillar y !

k athy K @ Augus t 15, 2013, 10:16 am
She got pr etty c los e las t time may be s he c an go all the way this time :­ ) ) ) ) XXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 15, 2013, 7:14 pm
T hey ev en look lik e a tr ue c ouple J ez thats s omething I hav e nev er s een in a s hot of
them befor e, touc hing, Andr ea Kal @ Augus t 15, 2013, 1:56 pm
Yes they did appear to be genuinely a c ouple……. they wor k ed s o har d to meet thous ands of
people that day ……. i was genuinely impr es s ed by the effor ts US politic ians but par tic
ular ly the Clintons go in for in ter ms of jus t meeting as many people as they c ould they mus t
hav e gr eeted and s hook the hands of 6000 people eac h……. they des er v ed a little down time
together :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) )
Cheer s J ez XXXXXXXXX

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 15, 2013, 7:12 pm
G iv e this a watc h… http://www.y outube.c om/watc h?v =lEV5AF F c Z ­ s
It’s depr es s ing, but goes well with y our image.
Har v .! @ Augus t 15, 2013, 3:47 pm

Some was a little c r az y …… s ome v er y depr es s ing…… and by the time Dav id Ik e s
eemed to be s ay ing s ens ible things …… I thought may be I am los ing per s pec tiv e……. but I was fas c inated…… s uddenly Utube would s how 

no mor e……. the power s that be had s hut my v iewing down……. I was pr obably luc k y J as
on Bour ne was lik ely in pos ition on a r oof top if I had watc hed it to the end a tiny pin pr ic
k hole in the glas s would hav e been the only tell tale s ign that i k new too muc h…… c
oupled with the fac t my lifeles s body would be fac e down on the k ey boar d.



jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 15, 2013, 7:07 pm
Yeah, it s topped for me halfway thr ough too, but if y ou hit r efr es h and s lide along to wher
e y ou wer e it s eems to wor k .
It’s inter es ting s tuff, I’v e got a lot of time for Dav id Ic k e, he was c r uc ified in the Br
itis h pr es s , but out of c ontex t y ou c ould do that to Mother T her es a.
T he depr es s ing par t is that mos t of it mak es per fec t s ens e, ev er y one talk s about O r
well’s 1984 but it’s way pas t that…it’s eas y to dis mis s people by labelling them c ons pir ac
y theor is ts , but it’s thos e people who ar e doing the inv es tigativ e jour nalis m that par ts
of the media us ed to do, ins tead of digging in to what r eally went on in Benghaz i, what
happened in the Bos ton Bombings they ‘d r ather c amp outs ide a hos pital in London for a week
bec aus e a woman is going to hav e a baby ?
I c an’t believ e how quic k ly the wor ld is bec oming a polic e s tate, and people don’t c ar e
bec aus e they think it does n’t affec t them…and when it does it’s too late.
“T he gr eates t for m of c ontr ol is when y ou think y ou’r e fr ee when y ou’r e being
fundamentally manipulated and dic tated to. O ne for m of dic tator s hip is being in a pr is on c
ell and y ou c an s ee the bar s and touc h them. T he other one is s itting in a pr is on c ell
but y ou c an’t s ee the bar s but y ou think y ou’r e fr ee.”
How long befor e y ou and I c an’t hav e this c onv er s ation pos ted on the net ?…fac
ebook and y outube r egular ly tak e down c ontent it does n’t lik e. T ed banned Nic k Hanauer
’s talk c alled “Ric h People Don’t Cr eate J obs “, G r aham Hanc oc k ‘s ted talk “T he War on
Cons c ious nes s ” banned.
T his is an inter es ting c hat about Eddie Huang ex per ienc e at the T ED c onfer
enc e… http://www.y outube.c om/watc h?
v =_hwLMBdnbXk
T he wor ld’s in tr ouble.
Har v .! @ Augus t 15, 2013, 8:26 pm


T he Media c an be r ubbis h c an be fantas tic ……. I k inda think its O K to hav e s ome junk
to k eep people buy ing the paper or watc hing the news ……. u jus t need a pr oper ec o
s y s tem of jour nalis m and news gather ing s ome high lev el s er ious impor tant s
tuff s ome low lev el junk er s tuff…… i s lightly wor r y the c ollaps e of the bus ines s
model for news paper s means pr oper jour nalis m is going out of the window ……. and i do wor
r y that all s or ts of r ights to r epor t and photogr aph ar e dis appear ing under pr iv ac y
law in Br itain and Eur ope…… T ED is fine in an ec o s tr uc tur e of infor mation……. T
hey hav e s ome br illiant s tuff……. but ev en s omething lik e that is v ulner able to giv ing
the pr ev ailing v iew……. its good to hav e other outlets and ideas plac es c
ompeteing…….. Inellegenc e Squar ed is another s imilar is h oper
ation……. http://www.intelligenc es quar ed.c om/ …….. I k now s ome of the folk s
that r un it…… don’t s eem as Cult lik e as T ED is appar ently ??? I hav e nev er
been to any of thes e ev ents but T ED s eems to be r un by people who hav e dr unk the c oolaid if
that s tuff fr om Eddie Huang is to be tak en on fac e v alue ?????????

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 15, 2013, 11:09 pm


You k now news far better than me, and y ou als o k now that “news ” is what the media dec ides it
is by s howing/wr iting about it…they tell y ou what is news and s tac k it in or der of what
they deem impor tant or not.
It’s s o c ontr olled, at the moment the inter net is s emi fr ee but ev er y day gov er nments ar
e tak ing mor e and mor e c ontol of that too. Look at Camer on and his “por n filter “, it’s been
r idic uled by people lik e J immy Wales and r ightly s o,…it’s the s tar t of c ontr olling the
inter net.
A fr iend of my c ous in liv es in China, ther e was an ear thquak e near wher e he liv es , s o
they c ontac ted him to mak e s ur e he was ok …but when c ontac ted he s aid “what ear thquak e
?” T he c hines e media hadn’t mentioned it and any mention of it on wes ter n news s ites had been
bloc k ed.
13 y ear s into a new millenium but it’s s tar ting to look and feel a lot lik e G er many in the
1930’s .
G andhi s aid “You mus t not los e faith in humanity . Humanity is lik e an oc ean; if a few dr ops
of the oc ean ar e dir ty , the oc ean does not bec ome dir ty .” but I’m not s ur e if ther e will
be muc h of an oc ean left ?

Har v .! @ Augus t 16, 2013, 11:53 am
Well, I c er tainly agr ee with s ome of that……. I am s lightly c onc er ned about the dir ec
tion of tr av el on the net……
when u look at one T ­ s hir t on a s ite s uddenly that s ame T ­ s hir t is adv er tis ed on ev
er y s ite y ou v is it…… y our ex per ienc e of the net will be what they think u want plus
what they want y ou to want …… thats not quite the s ame as jus t getting the news …… s er
ious s tuff may well be filter ed out……. and y es I am not v er y k een on gov er nment filter
ing of what we c an s ee…….. I am agains t c ens or s hip gener ally …….. China is a good c
as e in point …… one thing I don’t r eally wor r y about too muc h c ompar ed to many is all
the c eleb c ultur e bla blah…… as y ou k now I am not r eally inter es ted in it….. but
s ome of that c r ap gets people to buy paper s ……. then paper s ex is ts then
jour nalis m gets done ……. muc h mor e wor r y ing would be the c ollaps e of the paper s (
whic h r eally is c oming any way ) …….. then no r eal jour nalis m will be done apar t fr om
s ome br oadc as t s tuff pos s ibly but I r eally think the c ultur e of jour nalis m will be ov
er …… No r eal jour nalis m in the wor ld of c elebs but no wher e els e either ……. and its
all the r es t of it that inter es ts me and ultimately pr otec ts a fr ee s oc iety .

Cheer s br o J ez XXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 16, 2013, 3:15 pm

Weir d thing jus t happened. I’v e got a bur les que danc er to tak e images of in a c ouple of
hour s , I was hav ing a quic k look thr ough my photgr aphic book s to r emind my s elf why I lik
e c er tain images ( it helps me think about s hapes and c ompos ition for my own images ) …any
way , in between a c ouple of my book s was an old BJ P dated 12th F ebr uar y 1997, one of y our
pic tur es on the c ov er and the headline ” J ez Couls on: Hot Stuff”.
And ther e’s a v er y y oung look ing J ez ins ide lol, I took a mobile s hot for y ou…
http://i.imgur .c om/J udpo1K.jpg

Har v .! @ Augus t 16, 2013, 4:39 pm

T hats funny :­ ) ) ) ) ……. ah thos e wer e the day s :­ ) ) ) I had c ompletely for gotten
about that BJ P s pr ead nic e one ……. hehehe…….. hav e a good s hoot :­ ) )

Cheer s Br o J ez XXXXXXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 16, 2013, 5:10 pm

mor e lik e y our “s leeples s body would be fac edown on the k ey boar d”. I hope
they hav e s een y our por tr ait bec aus e it is abs olutely lov ely ­ s tr aight to the
mantelpiec e.
ann ody ne @ September 1, 2013, 11:08 pm

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