Dont Shoot : Killer of Trayvon Walks : USA

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The whole business of the acquittal of Trayvon Martin’s killer ……….. it just seems wrong………. really very wrong……..
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It IS wrong…but the politics and media that led to this are as wrong as ever too…which is why I report through my own #KONYH media
now so people can see up close the truth… its truly a sad day for us all…I spent most of the day in Union Square today talking with
community leaders on how the people will move forward…the best answer I got was ( as about 1000 people gathered in 100 degree
weather at 2pm NYC time) …”look at them all, all races, colors and creeds together…they are moving forward”…more truth…hope it
sends the proper message on how the system is broke, and broken…and its up to the PEOPLE to fix it at voting timeā€¦Cheers bro, ~
KINGOFNEWYORKHACKS @ July 15, 2013, 3:20 am

Yes it simply cannot be right that a boy doing nothing is shot dead …… and the cops do nothing …….. and then finally a charge is
brought but at the end no one is found guilty no one is held responsible…….. when a boy is dead .
Cheers bro Jez XXXXXXX
jezblog NYC :))
XXX @ July 16, 2013, 1:27 am
I watched as much of the trial as I could, and right from the start I had a strong feeling that Zimmerman was going to walk. I think the
prosecution made two major errors in judgement. They didn’t focus on the fact that 911 dispatch ordered Zimmerman to stand down,
which makes him the aggressor and he was caught in a number of outright lies. I believe the prosecution’s poor performance, and the
deep rooted gun culture had a lot to do with the not guilty verdict.
RobertB @ July 15, 2013, 7:52 am
Yes Im sure you are right……. but I did not watch any of it ……. Im always rolling…….. but I had a suspicion he would be found not
guilty from the radio reporting I had heard…….. sadly I really think it would be totally different if the gunman was black and the boy
was white………. it really is a sad indicator of the state of affairs in some parts ……. and such a total tragic outcome for Trayvon and
his family ……. it does seem to me to be unjust and plain wrong how can this kid be shot dead after the cops instructed the killer to
back off then he goes ahead and starts a fight and kills unarmed Trayvon with his gun sounds like murder to me ?
jezblog nyc :))
XXX @ July 16, 2013, 1:35 am


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