Angels : City of Angeles ; Philippines

Angels : City of Angeles ; Philippines


Today, The Pope has declared two other now dead Popes to be Saints ………. a million people turned up to watch in Rome …….. luckily they had to hand a vile of blood and some slithers of skin???????? from the dead Popes lying about …….. as you do ……. so little bits of them were able to take part in today’s ceremony ………… weird stuff ………

I heard all this being discussed on a review of the Sunday papers on Radio 4 this morning …….. there was also some discussion about the Hollywood block buster : ‘Heaven is Real’ based on the apparently miraculous survival of the 3 year old boy, Colton Burpo, who says he sat on Jesus’ lap and saw angels while dangerously ill ……. as part of the newspaper review the composer Patrick Hawes appeared to reveal he thought angels were everywhere, DJ Tony Blackburn made me laugh out loud with his unexpectedly forthright and robustly secular views and our old friend Sunday Times reporter Christina Lamb told a moving story about being in an African hospital seeing a little girl with terrible landmine injuries ……. the child was at the time being visited by Princess Diana as part of her campaign against landmines …….. the child lying in her sick bed had no idea who Princess Diana was …….. and asked Christina if Princess Diana was an angel ?.

Last week I saw these little angels , above, taking part in the ceremony called ‘Salubong’ as part of Holy week celebrations in the Philippines :-)))


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  • Love these little girls 🙂

    Kathy K @ April 28, 2014, 7:07 am

  • Yes they were so lovely and happy and proud to be angels :-)))Cheers Jez XXX

    Jezblog :-))) XX @ April 28, 2014, 10:50 am

  • A vile vial surely :-))

    The Reverend Parsimoniousness @ April 28, 2014, 11:18 pm

  • Ah yes an extremely vile vial can sometimes be expressed just as a vile …. It’s technically short for vehemently violently vile vilely violet vial of viola …. Or l like I say what is known in ecumenical circles as a vile …. Do u not remember ‘will no one rid me of this violet vile violin?’ Like most people I hardly ever leave home without a vile of blood from a dead priest … I guess I’m like most people in that right? …. The connection between the magical vile and the secular vial is quite strong…. Especially in any viola playing by vlad of Verona ..

    Veronica Violet Vienna @ April 29, 2014, 7:07 am

  • Hi Mate, Been in Prague for a few days… So, what have I missed?..Todays(yesterday, whenever) blog is bought to you by the letter V… Lots of yellow taxi`s over there…Skodas though… Hope all is good Bro xxx

    PaulS @ May 2, 2014, 6:24 am

  • Prague :-))) Nice one :-))) I once had few problems in Prague … ‘You no X-ray … You no leave Prague’ but that was back in the day when I did not want to put my film into a grim looking Eastern European X-ray machine :-//// I’m sure it’s all got a lot friendlier and up to date now :-)) its always been a beautiful city :-)))
    I was up in the Midlands to cist my folks yesterday …. :-))) tmrw I am rolling for the States :-/ :-)))
    Hope all is good Happy Birthday again bro ….:-))) say hi to Steve McGarett and the elite law enforcement crew from Hawaai :-))))) hehehehe.. Cheers bro Jez XX

    Jezblog :-))) XX @ May 3, 2014, 10:32 am

  • McGarett said you had already been in to see him, ages before me Bro!!..:?)..Its a very nice place, although the journey home was a nightmare from late flight to closed motorways and the A45 blah blah…Hope all of your clan are good Dude..Love to all,safe flight etc..See you soon..xx

    PaulS @ May 3, 2014, 11:04 am

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