Jez Coulson making a Photograph : After School Soccer : USA

Jez Coulson making a Photograph : After School Soccer : USA

Here is a picture of me shooting a kids soccer game in an after hours school program ……… picture shot by Matt :-)) Over the years I have made a pile of pictures of schools. At one stage we Insight London blokes used to shoot between us all the front covers for The Times Education Supplements in the UK ………. I once shot the good schools guide for the Daily Telegraph …….. I even shot pictures for the first UK government green paper ever to be illustrated with photography …….. for the Education Department ………. I do love shooting in schools …….. but as you can see from this above ……… it is very bad for your posture………….. you need to get down at the level of the kids which is more of a problem the smaller the kids get :-)) ………… Because I spend a lot of my time kneeling in Primary and Pre K Schools ……. I always wear knee protectors ………. and those Black Rapid camera straps as well…….. they help not to do your back in what ever position you are in ……… kids are not interested of course but all this garb caused one maths teacher to exclaim I looked like something from ‘Mad Max’……… hehehehe………:-))) ………. As the art director said……… Thats more true than you know in the case of Jez ……… hehehehehehe…….. :-))))))))))) I’m sure its pretty bad if you look like some one from a grim dystopian future……. :-//////// :-))))))) I need to do something about my wardrobe and my whole look :-))))))))))))) hehehehe……… :-)))))))


PS……… This particular school had fantastic teachers ……. its great for me if the teachers just get on with it and really engage their students and just ignore me ………. a music teacher whose lesson we photographed had her children so enraptured by her teaching I heard one pupil say at the end of the lesson after I had been photographing for 30 minutes at least …….. “when are they going to take the photographs ? I thought we were going to have our pictures taken “……….. he was literally unaware I had been photographing him and his class throughout his entire lesson ………. Now thats good teaching !! :-)))))))))))

[ 10 ] c omments
You ar e look ing a litte Mad Max y ou jus t need to paint that big r ed c ar of y our s blac k and
head for the outbac k 🙂
k athy K @ Nov ember 17, 2013, 11:00 pm
Yes I think the gr ittines s of the Beas t c ar might be inc r eas ed by s ome pots of blac k paint
……. applied by hand br us h…… its the way for war d :­ ) ) ) hehehehe………
Cheer s J ez XXXXXXXXX

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Nov ember 17, 2013, 11:08 pm
PS Matt’s photogr aphy is getting good pas s him my c ompliments 🙂
k athy K @ Nov ember 17, 2013, 11:01 pm
Its tr ue he is giv ing me a r un for my money nowaday s hehehe……. Cheer s J ez XXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Nov ember 17, 2013, 11:08 pm
G lad to s ee it was ` s oc c er ` on the agenda this time…Dont mention bad bac k s pleas e,
s uffer ing fr om a s oc c er r elated injur y that I damaged 13 y ear s ago…So, I may need to
bor r ow thos e k nee pads today Br o!!.. Hope all is good for the family and y our s elf, and Mr
Matt of c our s e..Stay Safe Br o

PaulS @ Nov ember 18, 2013, 5:26 am

y es ev er y thing does u in in the end ev en s oc c er and photogr aphy ………. a mate of mine
has had to hav e a k nee r eplac ed……….. ;­ /
…… fr om too muc h photogr aphy aaaaaaggghhhhh……. thats made me s tar t getting a bit s er
ious about k nee pads i c an tell y ou……… s or r y to be r eminded of y our old s oc c er
wounds hope all els e is well br o y ou and all y our s s tay s afe out ther e c heer s J ez
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Nov ember 18, 2013, 7:47 am
T ak ing pic tur es of k ids ?…oooohhhh…y ou’ll get s ent to G uantanamo for that.
T ak e c ar e. Har v .!

Har v .! @ Nov ember 18, 2013, 4:08 pm
You c an s till tak e pic tur es of all s or ts of s tuff in the Mighty US of A that will get y ou
dr agged away in the UK……… on that s c or e they r eally ar e liv ing in the Land of the F r
ee……. I hav e to s ay I find all the hy s ter ia ar ound all s or ts of r epor ting and photogr
aphy in the UK mighty depr es s ing…….. I under s tand the T imes Educ ation Supplement no
longer r uns r eal photogr aphs jus t model r eleas ed s toc k ……. to c omply with the hy s
ter ia dr iv en ban on publis hing pic tur es of ac tual y outh……… Canada is s lipping into
UK think ing…… it will pr obably c ome her e ev entually …… Mar tin Par r is bus
y tr y ing to photogr aph s tuff that will s oon bec ome impos s ible to photogr
aph……… s adly I think as google glas s and s ur v eillanc e bec omes ubiquitous ……. ac
tual photogr aphy , r epor tage, jour nalis m and ar t will all be banned……. :­ /////////
Cheer s Br o hope all is good J ez XXXXXXXXXXXX

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Nov ember 18, 2013, 11:04 pm
Ac tually the T ES gets pic tur es fr om G etty /Alamy for a tiny flat r ate fr ac tion of the dec
ent r ates they onc e paid ­ fir s t the fr eelanc es wer e
led on & went week at the k nees , then “T he Walmar ts of Photogr aphy ” mov ed in ­ my under s
tanding it is a financ ial downwar d s pir al

r ather than mor al panic that has made the c hange. And it is s till pos s ible to photogr aph in
UK s c hools BT W… lets not pr opagate our own “s elf fulfilling pr ophec y ” boy s and gir ls ..
Whether this ac c es s will c ontinue in the newly pr iv atis ed Ac ademies & s o c alled “fr ee s
c hools ” ­ onc e the poor outc omes that we k now will flow fr om r epur pos ing educ ation “for
pr ofit” bec ome c ontr ov er s ial ­ r emains to be s een.. c heer s J ohn Har r is
J ohn Har r is @ Nov ember 19, 2013, 10:32 am

Yes the financ ial thing has been impor tant….. c r itic al ev en….. in ending the nic e ar r
angements r ound at the T ES…… and to be fair their r ev enues hav e c ollaps ed with the
net….. they pr imar ily made all their money fr om c las s ified adv er tis ing for teac her s
jobs ……. but als o…… my under s tanding fr om c hatting to NT was that the
politic s of photogr aphing in s c hools and r epr oduc ing the photogr aphs had c hanged s
o muc h it made it har d for them to go on as befor e any way c er tainly they no longer
needed s taff photogr apher s and r egular fr eelanc er s to be c ommis s ioned to go into s c
hools bec aus e mos tly it had bec ome impr ac tic le…… with many s c hools wanting per mis
s ion fr om indiv idual par ents bla bla…………… Any way ther e is a bit of a
mor al panic about photogr aphing c hildr en……… when i wor k ed with u at IF L i would r
egular ly photogr aph c hildr en in the s tr eet……. i would be pr etty c ar eful about
doing that now……… look what happened to this poor c hap in
this hor r ible inc ident ……. http://www.jez blog.c om/index .php?s howimage=1999
Cheer s J ez XXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Nov ember 22, 2013, 1:23 am

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