Swine fever on Jezblog : Pig Farm : Wales UK

Swine fever on Jezblog : Pig Farm : Wales UK


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Sorry ……. Jezblog has been a bit unwell ……… the site has been getting a bit of a fever from swines …….. some kind of malware has sometimes been redirecting viewers to ‘the adult friendship site’ ………… Sorry if this has happened to you in the last day or so ……. I do recomend you ignore that site if you see it …….. and certainly I advise you make adult friends elswhere hehehehe :-))))))) Anyway, I think Matt has fixed the swine fever with his line by line code culling techiniques and his zap and destroy promgrames. So hopefully we have all seen the last of uncharacteristically over racey stuff on Jezblog :-))))))))))……. we should now be returning you to normal service ……… well as normal as I can manage anyway hehehehehe :-)))))))))) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX



[ 8 ] c omments
But I made lots of Rus s ian fr iends on that webs ite…All female as well,telling me how good
look ing I am etc … I thought it was one of y our
` s pinoffs ` …. Hope all is G ood Br o..oink ,oink
PaulS @ September 11, 2013, 3:50 am

Is it a bir d is a plane…….. a fly ing pig !!!!!!!! Cer tainl;y mor e lik ely than the lik ely
hood y ou wer e ac tually talk ing to a female potential
fr iend…….. hehehehe…….. :­ ) ) ) )
Cheer s br o J ez XXXXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ September 11, 2013, 5:36 am
T his ‘por tr ait’ is s omewhat mor e pr etty than s ome of the s tuff on the adult
fiend finder s ite ( ooops ­ my s pellc hec k s eems to be
br ok en…!)
Paul Clos e @ September 11, 2013, 5:30 am

Yes this image is lifted fr om the adult fr iend finder s ite …… for people who mis s their fr
iends on the far m ……. :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) hehehehe……. Cheer s br o J ez XXXXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ September 11, 2013, 5:38 am

O uc h!! T HAT HURT !! We c ant all be as s uper s mooth + c har min lik e y ou ..Hee,hee… Hey
..If y ou want to get y our k nee down on the bik e its eas ier without a Rus k i on the bac k …
PaulS @ September 11, 2013, 1:42 pm

hehehe……… s or r y I meant y ou wer e pr obably talk in to s ome Rus s ian mafia blok e
attemting to get y our c r edit c ar d details ……. not a gir l at all…… I c er tainly
did not mean that y ou y our s elf c ould nev er be of inter es t to a ‘fr is k y
beautiful Rus s ian model’ hehehehe………. they would k now doubt lov e to be on the bik e br
o …… I s hould get a leather jac k et and a Har ley my s elf …….. bec ome a bor n again bik
er ….. attempt to c atc h up with u c ool r eal bik er ty pes hehehehe…….. :­ ) ) ) )
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ September 12, 2013, 6:35 am
T alk ing of Rus s ian blok es … I k now he’s a homophobe and a s inis ter ex KG B ty pe who is r
es pons ible for all k inds of atr oc ities …but boy
c an he s tic k it to the Amer ic ans ..and he’s r ight too…apar t fr om obes ity , r idic ulous
ov er c ons umption of the Ear ths r es our c es , financ ial inc ompetenc e and an unhealthy obs
es s ion with guns ..what r eally is s o f©¡ $$n ex c eptional about Amer ic a

F idel @ September 12, 2013, 11:12 am

Mind u he may not hav e thought that thr ough to muc h……. if u wanna wind Amer ic ans up to get
them to think a bit of bombing is r equir ed y ou s tar t s ay ing ther e is nothing s pec ial
about the USA or Amer ic ans . T hey ar e lik ely to get nar k ed. Might jus t mak e ’em feel well
per haps I c an ex plain it y ou v ia T omahawk and Hellfir e diplomac y :­ / :­ )
Ronnie’s F 111 Danc e tr ou @ September 12, 2013, 12:27 pm

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