Nipper’s Beach Bar; Guana Cay Bahamas

Nipper’s Beach Bar; Guana Cay Bahamas


This is shot from Nipper’s the famous and colorful beach bar and restaurant on Guana Cay. Its the most fantastic place on the most magical beach. Just the most relaxing place to hang out.

I shot this image today with my point and shoot Canon SD550 Digital Elph you gotta say its an amazing thing, the size of a cigarette pack producing an almost 8 mega pixel file. Its a fun camera but it can be used to make great photographs and its no hassle to have it with you all the time. The little camera has really recorded well the amazing colors of the painted bar the beach and ocean. This image is not just color though, it has a grid composition that you almost don’t see because of the whole laid back vibe of the scene is so loose, but the image really depends on the horizontal line of the sky, the line of the beach and the bar and then the intersecting lines of the painted perpendicular struts as well as, of course, the brilliant Caribbean color.

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  • Worra load of bollux. Don’t tell man, just show. We’ve got eyes. And to be honest it’s a tad flat (could do with some post processing) and a fairly dull composition. Nice beach though. Wish I was there.

    Ralph Peterson @ March 31, 2006, 12:50 pm

  • Yeah, I think you may have a point. Color isnt looking as good as I remember. Er…… I had been in the bar all day by the time I posted the image and wrote the spiel. Anyway Im not about to spend hours processing these Bahamas pix dude they are straight out of the camera and Im still on the mega beach! It really is amazing here you should check it out one day JC XXXX

    jez @ April 1, 2006, 12:26 am

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