Jez Self Portrait at Frieze Art Fair 2013 : London : UK

Jez Self Portrait at Frieze Art Fair 2013 : London : UK


Jacko is right that cop was getting depressing it was time for him to go …….. sorry I am not in possesion of something zappy and colorful as u were requesting matey :-/ ……. but here is an art crowd selfie instead ……. hehehehe hardly a fair replacement I’ll grant you …… but hey ……… here am I at Frieze …….. the mega modern art fair open in London now ……… its in a giant tent in Regents Park ……. I enjoyed it all although some is slightly amazing ………. I particularly enjoyed marveling at the 22 million quid blue love heart ballon (with its constant mega security dudes) by Jeff Koons …….. ‘Just the twenty mill? I’ll take two and give me the cat too’ :-))))))))) hehehehe ……….. I was hanging with my friend Moira and I met a few other friends from the world of art …. it was fun……. worth a trip for sure …… although there are plenty of other free shows on too……… that are open because its Frieze week so they are a cheaper option for those not clutching a VIP pass and the 22mill hehehehe :-)))


PS…… Ah yes the joy of blogging at 2AM on a Sat night…… it becomes clear you have spelled Frieze …… Feize or was is Fieze ……… either way I have now copyrighted those new names and will be opening a rival art festival in my tent and a large cardboard box on a piece of wasteland at Elephant and Castle :-))))))))) hehehehe………

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I helped a family member out onc e when he needed s ome offic e help and I notic ed he ins ur ed J
eff Koons …he had NO idea who he was
ex c ept telling me he made s ome weir d s tatue for Mic hael J ac k s on…Ev en after I educ ated
him on WHO J eff was and all of his ar t ar ound the c ity , s till c lueles s lmao…at the time J
eff had his ex hibit on the r oof of T he Met…s ome people will nev er G ET Ar t br o…I’ll be s
ur e to mention the 22 mil piec e at the nex t family Bar bec ue lololol …Is that Is s abella Ros
s alini in the piec e on the r ight ? Nic e s hot br o , lots going on !! Cheer s !! #KO NYH

k ingofnewy or k hac k s @ O c tober 19, 2013, 11:42 pm

I’m us eles s ly not ev en s ur e ev en whic h galler y s ec tion I was in when I s hot this pic
abov e ? hehehe …….J eff Koons is in s ome way s the ultimate moder n ar tis t s till wor k
ing… for me at leas t ….. with the pos s ible ex c eption of Damian Hir s t and one or two
other s although I gener ally pr effer J K but I do lik e the DH diamond enc r us ted s k ull “F or
the Lov e of G od’ thats got to be the mos t c r az ed of the madly ex pens iv e piec es ……
thos e guy s ar e s or t of Uber ar tis ts …… any way its alway s gr eat to s ee their piec es
in c los e up r eality ……… the J K s tuff did look gr eat …….. a wier d mix of fr iendly
look ing beautiful c olor s and giant k ittens amaz ing quality ……… pr es ented with har dc
or e men in blac k r eady to tak e y ou down if u wer e to s tr etc h out y our hand to touc h
J ez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ O c tober 20, 2013, 5:44 am
I’m pr etty c er tain that the fr eez e ar t fair was or iginally mas ter minded by the br other of
Z oe fr om Panos Pic tur es ..
Wac k o J ac k o x x @ O c tober 20, 2013, 8:25 am

Well who ev er thought of it and owns it now is doin alr ight I would s ay :­ ) ) ) ) ) It r eally
is a s uc c es s on wor ld c r eativ ity and notar iety ter ms and als o has that feeling of the
money ooz ing…….. hehehehe…….. I think they wer e on to a winner with this :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) )
) ) ) )
Cheer s J ez XXXXXXXXX
J ez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ O c tober 20, 2013, 1:19 pm
As good look ing as y ou ar e, my ey es ar e being dr awn to the r ight and the two br unettes ,
Har v .! @ O c tober 20, 2013, 8:34 am

Its tr ue I was tr y in to c ompos e things to giv e y ou a bit mor e than jus t the glor y of me
……. :­ ) ) ) and ther e ar e s ome lov ely look ing ar t folk s in this giant tent ……. the
amaz ingly tur ned out r ic h and power ful c ollec tor s ……… the beautiful galler y gir ls
and their hands ome blok ey c ounter par ts c har ming the wealthy into par ting with their c as
h……… beauty and all life is her e :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
J ez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ O c tober 20, 2013, 1:26 pm
I` m s ur pr is ed that they s till allow y ou into thes e plac es ..Don` t they ev er look at y
our Blog?.. :?) .. J us t bec aus e y our not s ur e wher e y ou
ar e in the photo does not mean y our jus t going for the fr eebies .. hee,hee..Hope all is good Br
o…x x
PaulS @ O c tober 20, 2013, 9:49 am

Yes I had a pr es s inv ite but that mos t c er tainly is not a top table VIP pas s in this s et up
……. ther e ar e all s or ts of differ entiations between who is who and whic h pas s y ou ar e
wear ing …… jus t the or dinar y punter hav ing a peek ….. a pr es s ty pe …… a r eas
onably famed ar tis t….. a galler y owner ……… a c elebr ity ……. a s er ious
ly famed ar tis t…… a wealthy potential buy er ……. a mega c ollec tor …….. a
mega c ollec tor about to dr op the 22 mill on the J eff Koons Blue Hear t Balloon …….. s adly
I was not in the final c atagor y …….. I was near the fr ont to the lis t s o I got a fr ee
look r ound and Luc k ily my fr iend Moir a was feeling all gener ous s o s he got me a c uppa tea
and a s ar nie ……. hehehehehe……… it was s till gr eat :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

Hope all is good c heer s br o J ez XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
J ez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ O c tober 20, 2013, 1:36 pm

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