Dawn in Blackout Manhattan : 23rd St : NYC

Dawn in Blackout Manhattan : 23rd St : NYC


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This month is apparently the 10 year anniversary of the giant blackout in New York City …….. Weirdly, I remember that erie sensation as the city absolutely closed down into complete darkness ….. like it was only yesterday :-)) ……… well not quite …….. but a whole decade? Wow … amazing how time zaps by when you are having fun.

More recently of course half the city was in darkness following Hurricane Sandy. That was an all together more tragic event. During some of that I was in lower Manhattan watching the taxis rolling in the blackout as you see above ……. This is dawn light starting to creep back into the pitch dark of aftermath lower Manhattan.

Anyway, the City seemed to come through the recent incredible heat wave without too much obvious problem in terms of its power supply. Although I heard ominous chatter on the radio of blackouts and brownouts ……… apparently during some of those blistering 100 degree days with ultra high humidity, we NYC folks were sucking record amounts of power for our air conditioning systems.

But now the temperatures have fallen to much pleasanter levels so the strain on power grid is falling away.

Partly to avoid being way too hot in the City, I had been kicking back on the beaches of the Hamptons :-)) . So I have been kinda recharging my batteries ready for more high demand days myself …….. hehehehe……… :-)))



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Dar k nes s on the edge of town 🙂

k athy K @ Augus t 21, 2013, 11:03 pm
Although I think ther e might be a little light at the edage of this town hehehe……… :­ ) ) )
) ) ) ) ) ) ) Cheer s J ez XXXXXXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 22, 2013, 12:49 am
Some folk s ar e bor n into a good life, O ther folk s get it any way , any how,
I los t my money and I los t my wife,
T hem things don’t s eem to matter muc h to me now. T onight I’ll be on that hill ‘c aus e I c an’t s top,
I’ll be on that hill with ev er y thing I got, Liv es on the line wher e dr eams ar e found and los t, I’ll be ther e on time and I’ll pay the c
os t, F or wanting things that c an only be found In the dar k nes s on the edge of town.
Br uc e Spr ings teen ……. Ah y es the bar d of New J er s ey :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 22, 2013, 1:14 am
Lux ur y mate…ther e’s blac k outs ev er y week her e, r eminds me of the 70’s and the thr ee day
week bac k home in good old Blighty ! Saigon Sv en x x @ Augus t 21, 2013, 11:12 pm

I lov ed thos e power wor k er s s tr ik es as a k id s itting in the dar k with c andles …….
toas ting toas t on the gas fir e…….. it was fantas tic apar t fr om the no telly bit :­ ) ) )
) ) ) ) ) ) ) I hav e ex per ienc ed pr obably 20 or 30 blac k outs mos tly loc alis ed ones ….
only one mega whole Eas t Coas t wide blac k out….. in the US in 10 y ear s …. mos tly c os of
the mad weather her e….. y ou do get mor e tr ouble with power in the US than I was ex pec ting
…….. it is mor e lik e Unc le Ho City than today s Br itain but may be Camer on c an fix Br
itain’s power to be a little mor e wobbly he is c er tainly doing hid bes t to br ing a wobble to
the r es t of it :­ /// :­ ) ) ) ) ) ) )

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 22, 2013, 12:48 am
T his tr uc k c r as hed into a power line her e a c ouple of months ago and c aus ed “the bigges t
power c ut in s outher n Vietnam in
100 y ear s “…lik e they us ed to hav e loads of elec tr ic ity her e 100 y ear s ago…talk
about a c r eak ing infr as tr uc tur e!!
Ninja hoes x x @ Augus t 22, 2013, 2:56 am

uh oh ……. y our air c on is dangling fr om a v er y s pindley and wobbley power s upply c able
br o ……….. I was lis tening to s ome s pec ulation that V’s ec onomy might be doin the s ame
…… by the time US fis c al eas ing mov es down a few plac es and all thos e dollar pr inting
mac hines in the US s top c hur ning them out this might mak e dev eloping ec onomies a les s
attr ac tiv e plac e to inv es t y our US c as h appar ently ….. and this BBC talk in head s
eemed par tic ular ly down on Ho City ‘s nimblenes s in this r egar d……. hopefully the power
and ec onomy will k eep on r olling des pite c er tain wobbly bits …… :­ //// :­ )

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 22, 2013, 9:49 am

T o be hones t..if the Vietnames e ec onomy does tank , it’s ther e own s tupid fault, and by that
I mean the v ile, v enal c or r upt elite who r un things in this glor ious people’s r epublic
and not the v as t major ity of the br av e,long s uffer ing, ev er optimis tic and s
miling or dinar y Vietnames e. T he lev els of c or r uption her e ar e s tagger ing, and the
States polic ies s o s hameles s y s hor t ter mis t, and s elf inter es ted that a major s low
down her e is s imply inev itable. I lov e the plac e, but boy do they need a c ollec tiv e r
eality c hec k , s ad r eally , but then again they hav e liv ed thr ough wor s e… F unnily
enough I nev er believ ed all that hy pe about T iger ec onomies blah blah blah, jus t mor e BS fr
om the ly ing s c r um that pull the s tr ings of high financ e..and quite fr ank ly …s hould be
put up agains t a wall and $hot :­ ) )

the Voic e of Reas on @ Augus t 22, 2013, 12:31 pm

F unnily enough thats pr etty well what the BBC ec onomis t was s ay ing….. that c hange in
Vietnam did not inc lude pr oper s or ting out of top lev el c or r uption or getting r id of mas s
iv e gov er nment deliv er ed ineffic ienc y ……. ah the joy of it all :­ //////

Cheer s br o J ez XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 23, 2013, 10:21 am

I ac tually meant to s ay “Sc um” and not “Sc r um”…bloody s pellc hec k er ..

PS Did I tell y ou that I` m on fir s t name ter ms with It a Bloc k and Dav id Doubliet thes e day
s :­ ) ) )

Michael Lama Shittter x x x @ Augus t 22, 2013, 12:37 pm
Ueffin Scum………. becomes you enjoy a a good crum c ak e :­ ) ) ) XXXXXXX

jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 23, 2013, 10:24 am
You hav e k nown them all ……. all the big names …….Bob G annon…… Neil T ur ner ……
Dav id Ros e ……. Dav id S Smith :­ ) ) ) ….. Z ak
Water s :­ ) ……. ev en s er ious ly for a mo the mighty T im hether ington ………… Ir
a and Dav e ………. ar e luc k y to k now u br o :­
) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )


jez blog :­ ) ) XXX @ Augus t 23, 2013, 10:31 am
I meant…Ir a Bloc k y ou dumb c u©tong mutha feer k ing s pell c hec k er ….
Ir a Cor k s oak er x x @ Augus t 22, 2013, 12:41 pm
Appar ently I als o c an inter c ept s tealth fighter s with my ov er the hor iz on S300 s pam
phallus .mis s ile :­ ) ) O leg G or diev s k i x x @ Augus t 23, 2013, 11:33 am


T he S­ 300 is r egar ded as one of the mos t potent anti­ s pam mis s ile s y s tems c ur r
ently fielded.[3] Its r adar s hav e the ability to s imultaneous ly tr ac k up to 100 bits of
bull while engaging up to 12,000 gir ls in c hat r ooms . S­ 300 deploy ment time is fiv e minutes
.[3] T he S­ 300 mis s iles ar e s ealed r ounds and r equir e no maintenanc e ov er their
lifetime. An ev olv ed v er s ion of the S­ 300 s y s tem is the S­ 400 ( NAT O r epor ting name
SA­ 21 J ac k o G r owler )
Sir Bufton T uffton @ Augus t 23, 2013, 1:39 pm
T hey ar e als o highly effec tiv e as an ins tant inv oic e deliv er y s y s tem :­ ) ) Conr ad
Blok e x x @ Augus t 24, 2013, 8:17 am

T hey ar e als o highly effec tiv e as an ins tant inv oic e deliv er y s y s tem :­ ) ) Conr ad
Blok e x x @ Augus t 24, 2013, 8:21 am
Steady Steady F ir e …… DSS has deliv er ed y ou 4000 pr ints ……. pay or die :­ ) ) ) XXXX
You hav e 10 s ec onds to Comply @ Augus t 24, 2013, 9:20 am

His b&w pr ints r emain “s ealed” in the env elops that c ontain them for the dur ation of their
effec tiv e lifes pan, they hav e the ability to loc k onto, ac quir e and r epuls e multiple pic
tur e editor s and ar e fir ed us ing a unique “c old launc hing” tec hnique that r equir es
another per s on in the offic e to pay for the pos tage then tak e the inc oming angr y , ir ate c
all bar r age fr om s aid angr y pic tur e editor s …
Vald Putitin my ar s e x x @ Augus t 24, 2013, 10:36 am

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