Shining City on the Hill ….sort of : Empire State Building NYC

Shining City on the Hill ….sort of : Empire State Building NYC


This to prove I occasionally step outside of my place in NYC in daylight hours…. not to go far obviously…. this is from the roof of our building. I love the way the clouds are putting the rest of the city in dark shadow and leaving only the Empire State Building in all its glory!

I was kinda thinking about shooting from home as it were cos I was looking at Drewblle AKA Psychodudu site he has put up what is billed to be the first of many pics of his local view across Oslo. Its a city I know nothing about but I kinda like the idea of watching its seasons go by you can check his first at :

I always like the idea of series that show progression in time or seasons but I hardly ever shoot that kinda stuff as I’m always on the road and not normally around to finish the set off as it were. But hey, maybe I’ll try and do something with this Empire State view. Here are a couple of others you may not have seen that I already shot and put up :

Cheers Jez XX

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  • I just love this building and of course Jay-Z has deepened that feeling in me. Love him, too.

    Kerly @ November 12, 2010, 7:03 pm

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