2 line uptown, NYC

2 line uptown, NYC


Hey thats clever, right? Im on the train zapping by. Im panning in the opposite direction to the train’s movement to keep the figure on the platform in the same position in the frame. So the figure stays pretty sharp and just about everything else blurs like crazy. Its kind of tricky to see the shot and make it happen as you run straight through the station on the express train. It looks like you are repeatedly working on your golf swing as you attempt to get this right, sure… people on the train think you are crazy but I like this result.

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  • Hey you =) have been wondering how on earth you got shots like this (as well as others ie taxi moving, blurred out background). Now I know!

    Juls @ December 14, 2005, 1:49 am

  • Hey Juls hi, yeah I like a bit of blur, a taxi is a more conventional camera pan movement following the taxi as it goes by effectively keeping it in the same place in the frame but blurring the static foreground and background with movement (easy enough on a taxi gets harder on a F1 race car!) Feels natural enough when you do it. This one above feels very odd cos you yourself are moving while attempting to pan with a static thing which feels v unnatural !! JC XX

    Jez @ December 14, 2005, 3:41 pm

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